About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company.

Why choose Us

FKL Spinning Ltd. do and will continue to operate the factory in full compliance with all the applicable rules and regulations of native land as well as international standard. Gor improving the working conditions and setting a better working place.

Our Mission

FKL Spinning Ltd. has a mission to fulfill by surpassing all the requirements of humanitarian Management & to make its working environment a role model for others as “A BETTER WORKING PLACE” and unique in its field.

What we Do

FKL Spinning Ltd. comprises the ultra-modern plants related to garment industry, such as independent knitting, dyeing, sewing, finishing and packaging with sufficiently supportive backward linkage facilities. Now a days, our products sell well all over the world, such as America, Europe & East Asia.

Message From Managing Director

F.A. Zaman (CIP)

FKL Spinning Ltd. has been leading the spinning mills of Bangladesh by being in the forefront since long. Registering an average growth of about 20 percent every year for over decade by now. All leads to prevailing of very high standard industrial environment – friendly for the workers on one hand and conducive for a higher level of productivity on the other, almost all of the global giants as the apparel brands are the trade partners of FKL Spinning Ltd. FKL Spinning Ltd. honors its buyers’ trust on it the most. With their support, FKL Spinning Ltd. is moving forward through the way where ethical practices, health & hygiene, safety, security, green environment, etc. are met with their appropriate meanings.

It strongly believes in Fair Trade responsibilities and carrying out those for the satisfaction of all connected to the entire value chain having its esteemed clients at the center. The company is fully committed to providing fair wages and good as well as equal employment opportunities to the members of the underprivileged section in the society.

As well, FKL Spinning Ltd. is keen to have a corporate culture wherein quality and innovation are perceived as the top priorities and therefore, it has established its own system of applying inspection procedures thoroughly at each and every stage of production.

Area of Premises

2140000 Sft.


Production Capacity

Ring Yarn = 12 ~ 13 ton / Day
Vortex yarn = 6 ton/ day.


630 Employees